Hyperox™ Efficacy at Low Temperatures

Stringent analyses recently carried out in France at 4°C to represent the colder conditions found on farms during winter months prove that Hyperox™, from LANXESS Animal Health Solutions (DAHS), has greater efficacy at much lower concentrations than three other brands of disinfectant.  The tests show that Hyperox™ requires up to 500% less disinfectant for efficacy at a 5 minute contact time compared with the other tested disinfectants, see Table 1.

Hyperox™ is a powerful broad spectrum, multipurpose disinfectant for all areas of routine disinfection on pig and poultry units including surface, equipment and water system disinfection, foot and wheel dips and thermal fogging. Its unique, stabilized peracetic acid "active" readily breaks down after use into oxygen, water and a naturally occurring, biodegradable organic acid. As a result, Hyperox™ is considered to be "readily degradable" in accordance with OECD & EU standards making it a highly effective yet of low environmental impact.

The independent tests, carried out by the Laboratorie de Microbiologique Immunologieque ADREMI in Tours, France using the AFNOR NFT72-180 method, were performed against two highly infectious viruses of vertebrates, Talfan Disease virus and contagious Canine Hepatitis virus. Both viruses can survive outside the body and are transmitted by direct contact with urine, faeces and other bodily secretions and are, therefore, particularly relevant to testing disinfectants used in pig and poultry farming. The tests were carried out at 4°C in the presence of an albumin and yeast mixture organic challenge to represent the colder, realistic conditions found on farms during the winter months.

ProductProduct concentration required to pass AFNOR test at 5 minutes contact
Hyperox™ (DAHS) 0.5%
TH4+ (Sogeval) 4.0%
Virocid (CID Lines) 3.0%
Tegodor (Goldschmidt AG) >5.0%

In conclusion, the independent AFNOR test results make it fully apparent that the virucidal activity of Hyperox™ would not be adversely affected when lower temperatures, above freezing, are experienced on farms during the winter period. This is very important to pig and poultry producers. Hyperox™ passed the test at a 0.5% dilution of 1:200 with the other disinfectants tested requiring much more concentrate present in the solution to be effective against both test organisms. This shows that, in terms of the amount of product necessary to be effective, Hyperox™ is clearly more efficient.

The specified uses and registered claims for Hyperox™ S may vary from country to country. Please contact LANXESS directly to verify country-specific approved usages.