Virkon™ LSP: Disinfectant Foot Dip Preparation and Use

Disinfectant foot dips act as a demonstrable and highly visible sign that biosecurity and disease prevention is taken seriously and more importantly they help prevent disease transfer onto and around farm sites. Place foot dips at all main farm/site entrances, and at entrances to farm buildings and ensure that all personnel and visitors use them.

DisinfectionDilution RateApplication
Routine Disinfection of Footwear1:100 (10 ml of Virkon™ LSP to every 1 litre of water)Replace solution once it has either become soiled or after a period of days.

Prepare a fresh disinfectant solution directly in the footdip container, ensuring that old solution is suitably disposed of before commencing.

Replace the solution once it has become soiled, and in line with guidance given by the site biosecurity policy.

A Virkon™ LSP foot dip solution should always be replaced after a maximum period of up to 5 days. Virkon™ LSP solutions should not be used in foot dips constructed of unprotected concrete.

How to Make a Virkon™ LSP Disinfectant Foot Dip?

  • 1. Fill a suitable container with water adding 50mls of Virkon™ LSP concentrate to every 5 litres of water (1:100 dilution rate), stir thoroughly.

  • 2. Provide two hand brushes with every foot dip. One to remove organic matter prior to disinfection and one to use within the foot dip to wash the boot with.

How to Use a Virkon™ LSP Disinfectant Foot Dip?

  • 1. Using a stiff bristled hand brush, remove as much organic matter as possible from the boots remembering to pay particular attention to the sole.

  • 2. Place boot into the foot dip and scrub using a soft hand brush making sure that the whole boot is washed thoroughly with disinfectant solution and paying particular attention to the sole.

  • 3. Replace disinfectant solution on a daily basis disposing of soiled disinfectant responsibly around the farm.

The specified uses and registered claims for Virkon™ S may vary from country to country. Please contact LANXESS directly to verify country-specific approved usages.