Surface & Equipment Disinfection with Virkon™ LSP

The level of disease-causing organisms present after basic cleaning can remain high enough to offer a serious disease challenge to livestock. Using a proven disinfectant such as Virkon™ LSP against viruses, bacteria and fungi, is essential.

Instruction for use- Surface and Disinfection

Ensure all surfaces and equipment have been thoroughly cleaned using a Biosolve® E heavy-duty detergent prior to applying Virkon™ LSP disinfectant solution. For the disinfection of hard surfaces, prepare a Virkon™ LSP solution at a dilution of either 1:200 or 1:400, depending on the application, levels of soiling & temperature encountered. Uses are specified in the table shown below.

ApplicationDilution RateSolution preparationApplication rate/use
Surfaces (general disinfection use, on pre-cleaned surfaces)1:40025ml of concentrate in 10 litres of water300ml/m2
Surfaces (heavy soil conditions, in low temperatures*)1:20050ml of concentrate in 10 litres of water300ml/m2
Equipment1:200300ml/m2, or apply to the unit thoroughly until ‘run off’ of solution occurs
Footdips1:200Replenish the solution after it has become soiled, or after a maximum period of 7 days.
*defined as lower than 20°C

Apply Virkon™ LSP solution to surfaces using a knapsack type sprayer or pressure washer at an application rate of 300ml/m2. Allow a minimum contact time of 30 minutes. Leave to dry. The frequency of application will depend on the individual site biosecurity requirements. For control of specific pathogens, the dilution rate employed should be amended in line with data shown in the efficacy data table. In case of disease outbreaks, the usage rate may be amended to a 1:100 dilution for routine biosecurity measures.

Should you require further assistance on the control of specific pathogens of concern or methods of use for the product, please contact LANXESS for further advice.

Surface Application Usage Chart

To estimate the total surface area to be disinfected, including walls and ceilings, multiply the total floor area by 2.5.

Surface Area to be Disinfected

Volume of Water Required

Dilution Rate
(0.25 %)
(0.5 %)
(1 %)

Quantity of Virkon™ LSP to be added
50 m215 litres37.5 ml75 ml150 ml
100 m230 litres75 ml150 ml300 ml
500 m2150 litres375 ml750 ml1.5 litres
1000 m2300 litres0.75 ml1.5 litres3 litres
2500 m2750 litres1.875 litres3.75 litres7.5 litres
  • 1. Decide on the volume of disinfectant solution required at the appropriated dilution rate.
  • 2. Measure out the appropriate quantity of Virkon™ LSP liquid concentrate to achieve the desired dilution rate.
  • 3. Add the Virkon™ LSP liquid concentrate to the water and stir thoroughly to dissolve.
  • 4. Using a pressure washer or other mechanical sprayer, apply Virkon™ LSP solution at an application rate of 300ml/m2.

Farm Equipment

All farm equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to use or transfer between sites to remove any potential disease-causing organisms and cross contamination.

Farm Equipment DisinfectionDilution RateApplication
Routine cleaning and disinfection of movable farm equipment1:100 (10 ml of Virkon™ LSP to every 1 litre of water)Using a brush or pressure washer, wash all equipment in Virkon™ LSP solution until visibly clean.

The specified uses and registered claims for Virkon™ S may vary from country to country. Please contact LANXESS directly to verify country-specific approved usages.