Virkon™ H2O

The ideal multifunctional disinfectant choice for, enhancing poultry drinking water quality, and promoting good flock performance.

In line with the Virkon™ product philosophy “the science to kill pathogens,” the unique and powerful oxidising formulation of Virkon™ H2O has been specifically engineered to be used as part of a poultry production drinking water quality management process, to help:

  • Disinfect and acidify the water
  • Protect against infection, during stress and antibiotic withdrawal periods
  • Deter biofilm proliferation
  • Inactivate residual antibiotics in the drinking water line
  • Promote good flock performance

The specified uses and registered claims for Virkon™ H2O may vary from country to country. Please contact LANXESS directly to verify country-specific approved usages.