Virkon™ S Tablets incorporates the powerful broad spectrum virucidal formulation in a convenient to store and an easy to handle presentation that simplifies the preparation of an accurately dosed disinfectant solution.

The broad spectrum efficacy of Virkon™ S has been independently proven against:

  • Over 100 strains of viruses in 22 viral families
  • Over 400 strains of bacteria
  • Over 60 strains of fungi and yeasts

These studies were conducted using a wide range of contact times, temperatures, and organic challenge levels.

Virkon™ S Tablets are especially suitable for low volume applications and can be used in conjunction with trigger spray bottles for surface, equipment, skin* and aerial disinfection, and for disinfectant footdips.

Readily soluble in tap water, the Virkon™ S tablets effervesce forming a pink solution. Good infection control practices indicate disinfectant solutions should be replenished on a daily basis.


TaskDilution RateApplication
Surface disinfection1:100 (1%)1 tablet in a 500ml trigger spray bottle or 10 tablets in 5 litres of water – apply with either a cloth, mop or sponge.
Equipment disinfection1:100 (1%)2 tablets in 1 litre of water – wash or dip equipment in solution. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Footdips1:100 (1%)10 tablets in 5 litres of water – Replenish every 5 days or when heavily soiled.
Skin disinfection1:100 (1%)2 tablets in 1 litre of water – apply the solution to the coat of the animal, ensure that the solution is kept out of eyes, ears and respiratory tracts. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Aerial misting1:100 (1%)10 tablets in 5 litres of water – use a pressure washer on a very fine mist setting and apply 1 litre per 40m2 of floor space.



  • Available in packs of 50 x 5g (makes 25 litres)
  • Accurate unit dosing: One Virkon™ S tablet makes 500mls of disinfectant solution