Poultry Production Biosecurity

The greatest threat to the wellbeing of any creature comes from other creatures of the same species. The closer they crowd together the greater the risk of disease. 

Biosecurity, in other words excluding disease-causing pathogens from the creature’s environment, is an effective form of protection, especially for those farmed using modern production techniques. From viruses, bacteria or fungi, disease may spread via recognised vectors of infection, from the animals themselves, the people who handle them, contaminated food and water, housing and equipment, even the air itself. 

Viruses causing Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, Chicken Anaemia or Gumboro are not only extremely persistent in the environment, but immunosuppressive increasing susceptibility to additional pathogen attack. Advanced biosecurity is an essential and effective form of protection against disease-causing pathogens that affect poultry production and productivity.